Since everyone carries a smartphone these days and we all love selfies our office is moving to a tele-orthodontic format. It’s the next best way to treat our patients when we can’t see them. With a few quick snaps, Dr. Cadena can assess and help you from the comfort, and safety, of your home. While tele-orthodontics will help us help you from afar, it isn’t appropriate in all situations so some cases will still require in-person appointments but we invite you to give it a try. It may save you some time, help you reduce your carbon footprint and make the difference as we all do what we can to defeat the Coronavirus once and for all.

Please consider following the directions explained in our video and send us your “diagnostic selfies” to 408-316-6143. And, as always, we are just a phone call away for your questions or concerns; reach out to us for real-time guidance at 408-971-4746 (GRIN). We are in this together.